What is the budget increase?

A maintenance and operations budget increase, or override, allows Mesa Public Schools voters to approve additional funding above what the state provides. A 10% budget increase has been in place since 1995. The requested budget increase would allow the district to exceed its budget by an additional 5% ($18 million). The total 15% budget increase would provide $54 million per year for five years, then phase down by one-third each in years six and seven.  For more information, please click here.

Retain & Attract Quality Teachers

  • Reduce class sizes
  • Provide professional learning to improve technology skills
  • Hire instructional assistants for classroom support

Improve School Safety & Security

  • Increase school security staffing to provide a safer learning environment
  • Provide programs for staff and student social and emotional support
  • Train staff to identify risk factors

Prepare Students for College & the Workforce

  • Hire counselors
  • Offer programming for unique college and career pathways
  • Teach college and career-level technology skills

Homeowner impact of 15% budget increase

The additional cost of the 15% budget increase would be $5.17 per month or $62 per year, based on an assessed home value of $100,000 and an estimated tax rate of $1.86.

Did you know?

  • Mesa Public Schools students surpass their peers in math, science and English language arts.
  • Administrative costs are far below the state average, and lower than neighboring districts.
  • District teachers have more experience than neighboring districts.

What happens if the budget increase doesn’t pass?

If the budget increase does not pass, the district must cut $37 million from the budget over the next three years.

Important election dates

October 9th ballots will be mailed to registered voters.  Ballots must be mailed in before November 5th.  Please mail your ballot in early to insure that it is counted on election day.  Not registered to vote?  Please visit azsos.gov/elections and register before October 7th.

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